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We Are RetroScooter

A dedicated scooter company and coffee lounge, run by genuine scooter and coffee enthusiasts.


The Team

The team at Retroscooter are an experienced bunch. With over 65 years of combined scooter mechanic and general knowledge... there probably isn't a scooter in Auckland that hasn't been worked on by them.

Christiaan Liebenow

Christiaan Liebenow

Owner / Barista

Christiaan first got into scooters in 1995 when he bought a Vespa SS50 from an op shop in Palmerston North. This was his gateway drug into scooters and led to ownership of many Vespa and Lambretta over the years.

Turning his passion for scooters into a full time job has been a dream come true for him.

Trying to practice what he preaches, Christiaan is constantly messing with his scooters so he can recommend parts that work well to customers.

The scooter that has received the most attention lately is his Lambretta Li150 Special, which is sporting a 30 horsepower Super Monza engine and has had virtually every other part upgraded.

Other scooters:

  • Lambretta Li125 series 1
  • Vespa Rally 180
  • Lambretta TV175 Series 2 (under restoration)

Random fact: has to double check YouTube every time he has to tie a Windsor knot.

Andrew Pearce

Andrew Pearce

Senior Mechanic

What Andrew doesn't know about scooters, isn't worth knowing. Having owned scooters since he was an early teen, Andrew has been passionately and fastidiously maintaining, restoring and tuning all number of scooters and motorcycles.

Andrew's main scooter is a 1993 Lambretta GP200 that he has owned since new and clocked up over 110,000km!

Other scooters:

  • Triumph Tigress 250
  • Vespa SS180 (Under restoration)
  • Vespa Originali PX150 (daily commuter)

Random fact: Recently underwent surgery for pinkeye

Francis Linehan

Francis Linehan


Francis decided that 2016 needed a change in career - no more sound design for him! it's all scooters

Having owned many scooters since 1999 he now relies on a 1964 Vespa GS160 as his daily ride. 

Other scooters:

  • Lambretta SX150 (under restoration)
  • Vespa SS90 (malossi 135)
  • Vespa GTS250i.e.

Random fact: you may also know him as the voice of Pizza Hutt ads